Monday, 16 February 2015

How to import a solution with different versions

For some reason sometimes we got big teams and we came across with solutions from different environments and version`s that we need to import, one of the things we could do as a fast fix (NOT SUPPORTED) is to change the version on the Solution.xml file contained on the solution zipped

and after we open the file we will see the following

For versions <= 2013
<ImportExportXml version="6.1.0001.0132" SolutionPackageVersion="6.1" languagecode="1033" generatedBy="OnPremise" xmlns:xsi="">

For versions > 2013
<ImportExportXml version="7.0.0000.5026" SolutionPackageVersion="7.0" languagecode="1033" generatedBy="CrmLive" xmlns:xsi="">

After we changed the version, save the file and zip the package again, and them repeat the process of import solution.

Bear in mind this is only appropriate wend we don’t have too much changes done on the CRM, only some new fields and form changed etc. If we got a lot of customization, with plugins and custom workflows activity’s, some of the dll`s could not upload to the solution and for that reason we need to import the dll`s manually and create the steps by hand located on “PluginAssemblies” in the zip solution file.

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